How to add users to newsletter lists?

Newsletter lists are used to send separate emails to buyers and sellers. 

To add users to newsletter list you have 3 options: 

1. For new users:

By going to Jobster > Account Segregation >  General settings > Set to ‘yes’ the option ‘Add users to the newsletter list when they register’ > Save options. 

After this, please go to Dashboard > Newsletter > Security > Set 'antiflood' to disabled > Save

2. For existing users that are not added to any list: 

By going to Jobster > Account Segregation > Tools > Users who are not on a newsletter list: when synced, it will automatically assign every user that has not been added to the newsletter based on their user type (seller/ buyer). 

3. For a manual adding of the users:

By going to Dashboard > Newsletter > Subscribers > Edit > Save

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