How to add newsletter checkbox on user registration page?

How to add newsletter checkbox on user registration page?

To add newsletter checkbox on user registration page, this is how we should proceed:

Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Required plugins > Install/ Activate ‘Newsletter’ if you haven’t done it already.

After that, go to Dashboards > Newsletter > Download ‘Addons Manager’

> Install the zip file downloaded > Activate

> Create an account to receive a free license for it

After getting the license, please go at the bottom of the page at ‘ Integration with 3rd party plugins’ and install ‘WP Users Integration’

To configure the settings, please go to Dashboard > Newsletter > WP Users Integration

Subscriptions on registration

Set to NO if you do not want that registered users to be added to newsletter.

Set to 'Yes, force subscription' if you want to add all new registered users to newsletter.

Set to 'Yes, show the option' if you want every user to choose if they want to be subscripted to the newsletter.

It will be displayed as follows on registration page: 

Note: The text 'Subscribe to newsletter' can be changed from 'Check box label' as you wish. 

Set to 'Yes, show the option already checked' if you want the option to be already checked when a user registers. The user can uncheck it also. 

Displayed as follows: 

After you chose the best option, please click the 'save' button. 

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