Change Header and Footer Colors

Change the Header and Footer Colors

This article will show how you can change the Header and Footer colors of the theme.

Go to Jobster > Layout Settings > Custom CSS

Log in to your WP Admin Dashboard and follow these steps to set the Header and Footer colors:

  1. Go to Jobster menu and click on Layout Settings.
  2. Select the Custom CSS tab
  3. Enter the following CSS code in the input box:
  4. For header :
    .ui.segments.middle-menu .ui.segment {
        background: #000000;
    .ui.segments.middle-menu {
        border-top: 0px !important;
    For Footer:
    .footer-new {
        background: #000000;

    Note: #000000 is the hex code of desired color. Insert the hex code of the color you want to apply in place of #000000. Refer the link to find the hex code of color you want to apply.

  5. Click 'Save Options' button to apply the changes to the theme.