Change logo and customize the header

This article will show you how you can change the logo and customize the Header of the theme

1. Log in to your WP Admin Dashboard and go to Appearance > Customize > Header Options

2. In the left menu click on Appearances and then click Customize.

4. Click on Header Options.

5. Click on "Select image" button.

6. You can select an image from media library or upload a new image.When you have already uploaded a logo. Its displayed there. 

7. Drag the slider to customize logo height. As you drag the slider you can preview the changes in the right panel. You can also define the white space around the logo by entering values in the Top, Bottom, Left or Right input boxes.

8. You can also customize the header by defining whether the header should remain fixed on the page when you scroll down. Enable the on/off switch to fix the header on scroll, otherwise disable it.

9. Click on Save and Publish button to apply the changes to the theme.