User badges

If the admin enables the option for the sale of badges, the users who are eligible for the badges will pay in order to have them displayed on their profile. If you don't see any benefit in allowing users to buy it, you can disable the possibility of purchasing badges and assign them manually or not. Also, you can manually assign badges without asking for any payment, to the users that you like.

Admin configuration:

1. Log in to your WP Admin Dashboard.

2. Go to Jobster > User Badges.

3. On the "Settings" tab you can do the following:

- Enable/disable badge sale

- Add a price for first badge
- Add a price for second badge
- Set the the minimum rating to have in order to be able to buy the second badge
- Set the minimum number of ratings in order to be able to buy the second badge
- Add a custom icon for the second badge

4. On the "User Badge Settings" tab you can assign badge level to a user. 


The user can get the badge level 1 only from admin

5. On the "Search" tab you can search for a users you want to assign badge level to.

User / front-end view:

1. On the Seller account page, "Buy Now" button for the second badge will be displayed, if that particular user is eligible to purchase it (has passed the minimum rating and minimum number of ratings you have defined in the admin part).

2. Once a user clicks on the "Buy Now" button, it will be taken to an actual purchase page, where he/she can complete the purchase via PayPal or credit balance.

3.  This is an example of how the 1st badge looks like on the seller profile page.

4.  This is an example of how the 2nd badge looks like on the seller profile page

5. Obviously, besides changing the icons, you will be able to customize the text on the tooltips as well, buy searching for those textual strings in the Loco translate, and replacing it with your own text.