• [topup_notices] - show error, validation or confirmation notices when top-up the account
  • [topup_payment_items_list] - displays for the user, the list of top-up options set in the administrator panel
  • [topup_pending_list] -  displays the list of pending topup orders
  • [topup_completed_list] -  displays the list of completed topup orders
  • [topup_camouflaged_order] - displays the order id in a camouflaged form
    • Attributes
      • order
        (int) The order ID for which the display is made
      • with_link
        (bool) Determines whether the link to the order is included
  • [topup_order_status] - displays the status of the top-up order
  • [topup_payment_method] - displays the payment method for a top-up order
  • [topup_order_description] - displays the description for a top-up order