User Ban

  • [user_ban] - displays the user ban details
    • Attributes
      • field
        (string) The data you want to get. Values type/reason/period/date

Seller Notifications

  • [requests_notifications_categories_and_subcategories_select] - the multi select for categories and subcategories

Mobile API

  • [mobile_api_notifications_toggle] - displays the mobile notifications toggle
    • Attributes
      • type
        (string) The notification type. Values notifications/messages


  • [job_milestones] - job milestone info

Account Segregation

  • [as_rejected_reason] - displays seller verifications rejection reason


  • [coupons_list] - displays the coupons list
    • Attributes
      • coupon_status
        (string) The type of coupon according to their status. Values active/pending/completed/expired/all
  • [discount_fields] - displays the fields for discount
    • Attributes
      • type
        (string) The type of field to be displayed. Values input/select
      • subtype
        (string) The type of field to be displayed. Values text/number/calendar/toggle/users/type
      • name
        (string) The name of the input
      • step
        (float) The input step
  • [order_discounts] - displays the discounts list for an order
    • Attributes
      • order
        (int) The order ID for which the display is made
      • include_ul
        (bool) Determines whether the list will be included in a UL element
      • ul_class
        (string) List UL classes
      • li_class
        (string) List LI classes


  • [job_booking] - displays the booking calendar
  • [booking_resources] - displays the booking resources
  • [booking_resource_timeslots] - displays the timeslots
  • [user_appointments] - displays the booking appointments
  • [booking_order_date] - displays the booking order date
  • [booking_order_timeslot] - displays the booking order timeslot


  • [referrals_list] - displays the referrals list
  • [referrals_reports_search] - displays the reports search
  • [referrals_reports_list] - displays the referrals reports list
  • [referrals_statistics] - displays the referrals statistic


  • [wise_connection_status] - displays Wise connection status
  • [payoneer_connection_status] - displays Payoneer connection status