v6 Theme Translation

WPJobster comes prepackaged with the Translatepress plugin, which will enable you to translate all of the strings right from within the admin section.

If you are new to Translatepress, we highly recommend to read their official Beginner’s Guide to get yourself familiarized with all the options that plugin offers.

The Translation Editor can be accessed from both the Settings page or from the Admin bar.

Normally, you can access it from the WordPress Admin Bar -> Translate Site button.

If the Admin Bar is not available (for example, wordpress.com hosting replaces the default admin bar with it’s own), you can access it from WordPress -> Settings -> TranslatePress -> Translate Site.

It’s a simple interface that allows you to translate your website page by page.

Edit visible text

The main functionality of the translation editor is the possibility to translate string by string your entire page.

Smply hover over a string, click the edit button that appears on the left and translate your string in the left translation interface.

Changing language

Selecting a new language will allow you to navigate your site in that particular language, making it a lot easier to notice untranslated strings.

Search for a string

Not all detected string are visible in the page. Strings like SEO Title, meta description and sometimes other strings that don’t have a the edit button can be found by simply searching the list of strings.

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