The Milestone extension will enable your sellers to split the transaction into several payments, according to the completed phases of the agreed service. This is especially useful for larger jobs which amount to higher amounts of money.

It is a plugin that comes along only with Entrepreneur License, for the other license types it has to be purchased here.

How to install/activate the plugin?

After purchasing and downloading it, please go to:

Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin, choose the > Install Now > Activate plugin

How to enable the milestone? 

1. Go to Jobster Settings > Extensions > Milestone > Scroll down to 'License' > Note the license key > Save Changes.

2. After that, press the 'Activate' button and make sure your license is showing as active.

3. Go to Jobster Settings > Payment Type > Job Purchase > Milestone > Set to ON > Save Changes

Also, please enable Job Milestones from Jobster Settings > Features Settings > Job Milestones > Do all the settings as you wish.
DO NOT FORGET: Subscriptions and User Levels cannot coexist! Once the subscriptions have been activated, the settings made on user levels will not be taken into account.

How to use the milestones?

Now we are ready to publish a new job with the above configured available timeslots.

Select 'milestone' as the job price type, and fill the milestone table, as shown below:

How the client selects milestone? How does it appear on job’s page?

How does it appear on the order page?