How to change the minimum value for the width and height of the avatar?

To change the minimum value for the avatar's height and width, add the following code in functions.php from the child theme:

// Min width value
add_filter( 'wpj_min_avatar_width_filter', 'wpj_change_width_min_avatar_fnc' );
function wpj_change_width_min_avatar_fnc() {
	return 260;

// Max width value
add_filter( 'wpj_min_avatar_height_filter', 'wpj_change_min_height_avatar_fnc' );
function wpj_change_min_height_avatar_fnc() {
	return 260;

Replace 260 with any value you want, in pixels.

NOTE: For this code to work, you must have at least 5.6.4 theme version.