How to set up the AIO Support Center plugin

1. Install and activate AIO Support Center (from wp-admin > Plugins > Required Plugins), then go Admin Dashboard > Support > Preferences > Pages tab, to see the shortcodes for the tickets pages.

1.1 Make sure to check the box for "Yes, enable front-end pages." from Support Center > Preferences > Pages tab > Use Front-End Pages, if you want the support center to work on the front-end for your users.

1.2 If you see "AIOSC Finalize Activation" instead of "Support Center", please click the "Run Activator" button and wait for it to be completed. Usually, this is not necessary.

2. Create the pages for the tickets from wp-admin > Pages > Add new > create 3 pages (with the " Support" template) for "New ticket Form", "Ticket Preview (Single)", and "Ticket List (My tickets)", with the shortcodes from wp-admin > Support Center > Preferences > Pages tab, where you also have to select them after you have made the pages.

3. There is one more setting that needs to be done for the support pages to work properly.
Please go to Admin Dashboard > Jobster Settings > Page Settings > Page Assignments

Then please scroll down to > "New Ticket", "Single Ticket", "Support Page" and add the pages you have made.

This will allow the buttons from the frontend to redirect to the right page.