Withdrawal Options

Below we will explain withdrawal options WPJobster theme has.

There are types of withdrawal options on the site:

Automatic Withdrawal: PayPal, TransferWise and Payoneer

Manual Withdrawal: BitPay, Payza, PerfectMoney and WireCard

Automatic and Manual Withdrawal: Payoneer, PayPal and TransferWise.

The withdrawal process can be completed automatically or manually.

Let's take PayPal as an example:
If the administrator selects to complete the withdrawal process manually, they will need to go to their PayPal account, make the transfer to customer PayPal account, then return to their WPJ website and mark the order manually as completed. This way, the customer will know from your site that the transfer was made to their PayPal account.
If selected automatically, the system will make the transfer as long as on the Jobster > Payment Gateways > Paypal page, the fields for automatic withdrawal are completed. In automatic mode, it is no longer necessary to make the transfer from your PayPal account, because the system will automatically do the necessary things and with a single click the transfer will be successfully made on PayPal and the order will be marked as completed on the WPJ site.

Please go to Dashboard > Appearance > Plugins and Install/ Activate one or multiple payment gateways. Note their licence as well.

After that, please go to Jobster > Payment Gateways and Enable each payment gateway and their withdrawal option.

Automatic and Manual Withdrawal: 




Manual Withdrawal:

For all the Manual Withdrawals enable the payment gateways and then the option 'enable for withdraw' > Save changes.

After enabling them, please go to your profile > Settings > Payments > Fill the details for each payment gateway.

To withdraw go to your profile > Payments > 

After withdrawing the process will appear as pending on My Payments until those will be marked as completed, either manually or automatically, by the admin.

The admin can complete the process by going to Jobster > Orders > Withdrawal > Pending tab and Automatically or Manually complete the payment.

Automatically: the payment will be done automatically by the system. 

Manually: you will have to manually fill up PayPal information in order to pay.

After choosing a way to complete the payment, the order will automatically pass on 'completed' tab.