How to change permalinks?

If you want to change permalinks, please proceed as indicated below:

Go to Jobster > General Settings > Permalinks

Change Jobs Permalinks: Subcategory

If 'Subcategory' has been chosen and the other fields have been completed, it will be reflected as follows when clicking a job: 

When selecting a category, it will be displayed as follows:

Change Job Permalinks: Author's name

Change Requests Permalinks: Subcategories

When accessing All Requests page, the page permalink is changed as we noted.

When accessing a request, the permalink changes as we noted on the 3rd field. 

When choosing a category from requests, the permalink changes as follows:

Change Requests Permalinks: Author's name

Change News Permalinks: Subcategory

Change News Permalinks: Author's name

After you have made all the changes as you wish, please click the 'save options' button.