How to change homepage triangle colors?

If you want to change homepage triangle colours, please proceed as follows:

Go to cPanel/ FTP > File Manager > public_html > wp-content > themes > wpjobster-child > Edit 'style.css' and add the code mentioned below. 

Note, the Brizy version has to be up to date.

To change the pink triangle:

EG: Replace Pink with Green (Change Green with any colour). .brz-bg-color:after,
.wpj-bg-corner-triangle.rainbow .slick-slide:nth-child(1) .brz-bg-color:after,
.wpj-bg-corner-triangle.rainbow .slick-slide:nth-child(2) .brz-bg-color:after {
	border-bottom-color: green !important; 

To change the yellow triangle:

EG: Replace Yellow with Blue (Change blue with any colour)

.wpj-bg-corner-triangle.yellow .brz-bg-color:after,
.wpj-bg-corner-triangle.rainbow .slick-slide:nth-child(3) .brz-bg-color:after {
	border-bottom-color: blue !important; 

To change the grey triangle:

EG: Replace Grey with Violet (Change violet with any colour)

.wpj-bg-corner-triangle.grey .brz-bg-color:after,
.wpj-bg-corner-triangle.rainbow .slick-slide:nth-child(4) .brz-bg-color:after {
	border-bottom-color: violet !important;

To change the orange triangle:

EG: Replace Orange with Red (Change red with any colour)

.wpj-bg-corner-triangle.yellow .brz-bg-color:after,
.wpj-bg-corner-triangle.rainbow .slick-slide:nth-child(5) .brz-bg-color:after {
	border-bottom-color: red !important; 

After adding one or multiple codes press > Save changes in 'style.css'. It is necessary to give your site a hard refresh (CTRL + SHIFT + R) after every modification made in CSS.