Footer Options

Footer Options

If you want to customize the footer, please proceed as follows

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize

> Footer Options

Below we will explain every footer option.

Copyright: The copyright of you site can be changed as you wish. 
Displayed as: 

Select Footer Columns: you can choose how many columns do you want to be displayed on the footer (if you choose 6 columns, you will have to go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Add on Footer Widget 6 and Footer Widget 6 Logged In whatever you wish: menu, shortcode, text, etc)

Repeater Cards

Enable scroll to top button:

If enabled: you can get to customize the scroll button (the background scroll, the border color, the hover, etc) as indicated below.

If disabled: the ‘scroll to top button’ won’t appear.

After customizing the footer as you wish, press the ‘Publish’ button and wait until it says ‘Published’.