Header Options

If you desire to customize one or multiple fields from the header this is how it should be done:

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize

 > Header Options

Below we will explain each field: 

Logo: you can change your site’s logo either using one of the already uploaded files from Media or Upload a new file. 

Logo Height: Drag the slider to customize logo height.

The changes will be reflected before publishing as follows:

Logo Spacing: You can choose the distance from the top/ bottom/ left and right of the page. It can only be written in pixels.

Ex of how it will be displayed with the following values:

Header Fixed on Scroll

If enabled: the header will move once you start scrolling on the page.

If disabled: the header not move when scrolling on the page.

Show Header Middle Border:

If enabled: the following line will appear. 

If disabled: the above shown line will no longer be present. 

From Hide controls:

After setting everything as we want, press the ‘ublish’ button from the top, left side, of the page and wait until it is written ‘ Published