Why I can't find the theme in my account?

If you go on your account on https://wpjobster.com/account/ and you don't find the theme and plugins you purchased it can be because your updates and support have expired.

When your license expires the theme will still work because you have purchased a lifetime license for it but in your account will show only the most recent versions of the theme and plugins. If your updates and support have expired you will not see them there because you will not have access to the latest versions of them. 

In this case, we recommend you to extend your updates and support. You can read more about it here.

If instead, you don't want to extend, you can send us a ticket requesting the latest version of the theme from before it has expired. Just open a new one at https://wpjobster.com/help/ or send an email to help@wpjobster.com with the request, we will gladly assist you.