Resolution Center to solve issues

In case a job wasn't or cannot be fulfilled either by the seller or by the buyer, both can go to solve the issues to Resolution center.

They have 2 options:

1. Request mutual cancellation 

Due to any reason, the job cannot finished so you contact the other part and comment him the issue. You both agree on canceling the order so the steps to be made (by the seller or by the buyer) are:
Go on order’s page, click on Resolution center on the right side of the page and select ‘Request mutual cancellation'.

And the following message will appear, with the possibility to send a message to the other part, and confirm after that.

2. Request Arbitration

When you do not agree on a mutual agreement with the other part you can request arbitration from admin. 
You have to go also on job’s page and press the resolution center and ‘request arbitration’.

The following message will appear where you can expose the problem to site’s admin. 

After submitting the request, the admin has to go to Jobster > Resolution Center and decide in whose favor he closes the arbitration request.