[Deprecated] Menu translation - qTranslate-X

In order to have more languages, the plugin qTranslate has to be activated. 

1. To activate it please go to Dashboard > Plugins > Required plugins > Install qTranslate > Activate it.

Then go to Dashboard > Settings > Languages > Language: Language Management (qTranslate Configuration) > Enable one or multiple languages 

To translate a category please proceed as follows:

Dashboards > Appearance > Menus * select the menu you want* > Select one of the languages > Translate it as you wish > Save menu. 

How it will be displayed on your site?

Whenever you will have the language selected from your profile (in this case, Spanish) it will appear the category translated. On the other languages, if not translated yet, it will appear English by default. 

This translate option can be used for Menus / Reports / News and Widgets.