[Deprecated] How to translate strings that aren't from the theme? - qTranslate-X

Some strings are not from the theme so they cannot be found in Loco Translate, but you will find them in your pages.

The pages Post New or Edit Job, Post New or Edit Request, User profileHomepageHomepage – Logged In, Levels and How it works? cannot be translated with Locotranslate and the below mentioned method has to be used.

To make the strings from your pages changeable when selecting the language, you need to use the language tags.
Here you can find all the details about the language tags: https://qtranslatexteam.wordpress.com/multilingual-fields/.
Here you can find the tags that you have on your website: https://example.com/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=qtranslate-x.

Here is an example of how a string from your "Homepage" page should look like:

[:fr] French translation here [:en] English translation here [:]

How do we proceed?

In order to access the language tags, the plugin qTranslate has to be activated. 

1. To activate it please go to Dashboard > Plugins > Required plugins > Install qTranslate > Activate it.

Then go to Dashboard > Settings > Languages > Language: Language Management (qTranslate Configuration) > Enable one or multiple languages 

2. After enabling the language/ languages you wanted, go to edit the page where you want to add translations

You can translate any word from any of the tabs (using a string similar to [:fr] French translation here [:en] English translation here [:])  as presented below > Update

How will it look like on the page?