Custom extra

Custom extra 

Once a job has been purchased but the seller thinks about any modification or any other features that he wants the buyer to add he send a 'Custom extra'.

How do we activate custom extra?

Go to Jobster Settings > General Settings > Order > Features > Enable custom extras: ON > Save Changes.

You can also set the minimum and the maximum character limits from Jobster Settings > Character Settings > Limits > Order Limits > Custom extra description > Save Changes

Where does the seller find the 'Custom Extra' button?

This option is available only after a job has been purchased until this is finished. 

How does it appear? 

It has to be completed as explained below > Submit Custom Extra.

If we changed our mind, we can cancel the 'custom extra' also from the order page. 

How does the buyer receive this custom extra request?

If the custom extra has been accepted by the buyer, the day when the job must be handed over will increase as at the initial delivery date has to be summed also the delivery from custom extra.

If it has been declined:

The minimum and the maximum of custom extras amount can be set from User Levels or Subscriptions (if you have them enabled).