Is an identifying image or pattern in paper used to discourage counterfeiting.

How can we set a watermark?
Step 1.
Go to Admin > Settings > Watermark > General Settings > Enable Automatic and/ or Manual Watermarking > Save changes.

The watermark will appear on:
1. Job’s image (on frontend, homepage, my jobs, etc)
2. Job’s cover (on job’s page)
3. On the attached file for ‘Instant delivery’ (It can be activated from Jobster Settings > General Settings > Job > Delivery & Shipping > Enable instant delivery: ON)
4. On the file attached in Post New Job > Media > Job Preview (It can be activated Jobster Settings > General Settings > Job > Features > Enable Job preview)
5. On order’s page when sending an attachment. 
6. On an attachment sent in private. 
7. When you are sending a custom offer request with an attachment.
8. When posting a request with an attachment.
9. On user’s cover photo.
10. On user’s avatar photo.
11. On user’s portofolio. (It can be activated from Jobster Settings > General Settings > User > Portofolio > Enable user portfolio: ON)
Step 2.
 Go to Watermark position and set as we wish > Save changes

Step 3.
Go to Watermark image and set as you wish > Save changes

Step 4.
Go to Image protection and check the options you think that are useful for you > Save changes

Step 5. 
Go to Image backup and check the option if you think you need it > Save changes

How does the watermark look on the image?

I want the Watermark applied on the images I previously uploaded.
For the Images that you have already uploaded you must go to Admin > Media, select the list mode. After setting the list mode you have to check the images and select "Add Watermark" from the dropdown.