Discounts extension allows you as the owner of the marketplace to configure promotional discounts (coupons) for end-users (buyers) of your marketplace. Extension can be configured so discounts are subtracted from administrator's earnings, or seller's earnings.

Additionally, sellers are able to create their own promotional coupons, which can be applied only to seller's own jobs, and in which case the discount is subtracted from the seller's earnings.

It is a plugin that comes along only with Entrepreneur License, for the other license types it has to be purchased.

How to install/activate the plugin?

After purchasing and downloading it, please go to:

Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin, choose the > Install Now > Activate plugin

How to activate discounts?

1. Go to Jobster Settings > Extensions > Discounts > Scroll down to 'License' > Note the license key > Save Changes.

2. After that, press the 'Activate' button and make sure your license is showing as active.

3. Go to Jobster Settings > Extensions > Discounts > Enable > Set to ON > Save Changes

How to create an admin discount coupon?

Go to Admin > Orders > Discounts > New coupon > Save

How to create a seller discount coupon?

Go to User dropdown > Discounts > New coupon > Save 

How do you know that the discount has been applied? 

It appears like this.