A coupon with a deduction from the usual cost of a product/job.  

It is a plugin that comes along only with Entrepreneur License, for the other license types it has to be purchased.

How to install/activate the plugin?

After purchasing and downloading it, please go to:

Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin, choose the > Install Now > Activate plugin

How to activate discounts?

 Go to Jobster > Discounts> License > Write the license key> Save options> on the same page > General settings > Enable: yes >  Save

Here we will explain the other fields we have in General settings:

View active coupons 

  View pending coupons 

View completed coupons

View expired coupons

  View all coupons

  Seller’s coupons

How to create an admin discount coupon?

Go to Jobster > Discounts > New coupon > Save

How to create a seller discount coupon?

Go to My profile > Discounts > New coupon > Save 

The other fields explained below:

Active coupons

Pending coupons

Completed coupons

Expired coupons

All coupons

How do you know that the discount has been applied? 

It appears like this.