A type of payment where you can choose which one of the packages suits your needs better.

It is available only for the Entrepreneur license.

How to activate it?

The package has to be activated in:

Jobster Settings > Payment Type > Job Purchase > Packages: On > Save changes

Also, please enable Job Packages from Jobster Settings > Features Settings > Job Packages > Do all the settings as you wish.

DO NOT FORGET: Subscriptions and User Levels cannot coexist! Once the subscriptions have been activated, the settings made on user levels will not be taken into account.

From where do I choose the package?

On Post New Job, when selecting the Price, you can choose ‘Package’ and completing as shown below

The ‘Add New Custom Field’ refers to adding an extra field with other benefits, that only one or all the packages can contain it. 

Where it will appear on job’s page? 

In two places: in job’s descriptions and on the right side of the page

2. After choosing one of the packages, the client pays as usual.