The booking is way of payment that will help marketplace users manage date and sensitive jobs/appointments.
It is a plugin that comes along only with Entrepreneur License, for the other license types it has to be purchased here.
How to install/activate the plugin? 
After purchasing and downloading it, go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin, choose the > Install Now > Activate plugin.

How to activate the booking? 

Go to Jobster > Booking > License > Write the license key> Save options> on the same page > General settings > Enable: yes ( Also in General settings we have the Time format where we can choose how do we want the hour to be displayed on our bookings) > Save 

First of all, let’s create a booking. 

Go to My profile 

> Job 

> Booking

> Add new

> Write resource name ( e.g.: Eye-shadow make up hour) and save

> choose a day (it repeats until you decide to change the timeslot and the day), click ‘Timeslots’.

On Timeslots we have two options: 

- Single: a certain period of time that cannot be divided when you will be available.

EG: A 3 hours window on Monday, from 3 AM – 6 AM. (I can select only from 3 to 3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, etc)

- Bulk: availability during a certain period, that can be divided into smallest periods, of the day.  

EG: 5 hours availability a day, from 1 PM to 6 PM, with 10 minutes break every 1 hour.

Create a job with job’s price ‘booking’, put a price - available for each booking -, choose ‘booking resource > Publish the job.

How the client selects booking? How does it appear on job’s page?

The client can book an available slot only on the day the seller has marked.

EG: On Monday (any Monday of any month) from 1 to 2 PM. and pay for it.

Both, the buyer and the seller, can see the bookings they have on My profile > Bookings > Upcoming bookings: seller/buyer.

Note: On the post new job page price type width must be set to "half solo" (which is a default value) for correct functionality of the Booking extension:

The booking colors can be changed by going to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Color Options > Booking colors > Change them as you wish > Publish.