Custom offer

The process of sending/ requesting an offer for a concrete service.

To activate this feature, you must have a Webmaster, Developer or Entrepreneur license, then go to Jobster Settings > General Settings > Order > Features section > Enable custom offers > ON > Save Changes.

Has 3 possibilities to request a custom offer: 
1. From a job already posted proceeding as shown below: 

2. By going to chat/ private messages and click the tag ‘Request a custom offer’ as presented below

3. On user’s page, below ‘Contact Me’

EG: Request custom offer: I need a logo design with 3 silhouettes.

Has 3 options to send a custom offer.
 1. On chat (but it doesn’t show what job it wants until you open it)

2. Private massages with buyers he talked before.

3. From My profile > Requests > All requests > click the name of the request > Send Custom Offer.

NOTE: if the option ‘Send custom offer conditionally’ is set on ON in Jobter Settings > General Settings > Order, a seller can request custom offers, but cannot send a custom offer if he doesn’t have at least one active job.
If the seller doesn’t have an active job, the following message will appear 

EG of Send a custom offer: I can make a logo design with 3 silhouettes. It would cost 30 dollars and I can deliver it in 4 days.

How do buyers receive the seller’s custom offer?
A notification will pop up on the ‘message’ icon or in chat box and this is how it looks like. 

How do sellers receive the custom offer request?
A notification will pop up on the message icon or in chatbox.
When opening it looks like this

Create the offer as did above based on client’s request.
An admin can see all custom offer by going to Dashboard > Custom offers

NOTE: The theme doesn't have the feature to display the custom offers on different currencies than the default chosen one.