How to add a new category/subcategory for jobs?


Step 1:

Go to Dashboard > Jobs

> Job Categories

Note: On the right part of the page are our default categories. You can delete the categories you are not interested in, as shown below:

If there are multiple categories you want to delete, check them and go above to Bulk actions: Delete and Apply.

> Add new category 

>Press ‘Add new category’ button. 

Step 2:

Go to Dashboard

> Appearance

> Menus

> Edit menus 

> Select a menu to edit: Header Main Menu (Header Main Menu, Responsive Secondary Menu)

> Press ‘select’

> Go to ‘Add menu items’ and look for ‘Job Categories’

  • NOTE: if you didn’t find it, please go to ‘Screen Options’ on the top of the page and select ‘Job Categories’> Go to Job Categories > ‘View all’ and ‘Add to Menu’ the category/ categories created at step 1.> It will be added on the right-side of the page on Menu Structure (from here we can remove also the categories that do not present interest for our site by using ‘Remove’
    > Save Menu. 
    > From Menu Settings

    > Display location We check:    

  • Header Main Menu – responsible for desktop header display

  • Responsive Secondary Menu – responsible for categories display on mobile (right side)

  • If wanted, Responsive Main Menu – responsible for user account menu display on mobile (left side)    

  • Save changes


The steps are mostly the same ( few exceptions ) as the ones from the beginning of the article so we won't be putting images here.

1. Go to Dashboard > Jobs > Job category > Add new category (Name it as it was the subcategory). 
At ‘Parent category’ section choose the category you have created beforehand.
Press ‘Add new category' button.
2. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus > Add menu Items > Job Categories > View all > Add to Menu first the category you created at the beginning, after add the one you named as it was the subcategory.
After adding both, click on the second one added and drag it a little to the right. It should appear as ‘sub item’ as above.

All the new added subcategories will pass at the end of the last category added. Please click the 'Up one' button or you can simply drag and drop the sub-item until they will get to their belonging category.

> Save Menu.