How to become a seller from buyer?

A registered user that is already a buyer has multiple ways to become a seller.

In this article we will explain them one by one.

1.  Through Account Segregation

How to do it?

Go to Jobster > Account Segregation > General Settings > Auto Approve seller > NO > Save Changes.

After that go to Jobster > Account Segregation > Seller Verification Settings > Enable Seller Verification: YES and choose one (or multiple) form(s) of checking > Seller verification page > Select the page created for account verification (either our default page or one you have created)

  •          Enable National ID Verification: using National ID as a form of proving your identity
  •          Enable Company Registration Document Verification: documents related to the company you are trying to register
  •          Enable Utility Bill Verification: presenting payment for any kind of bill
  •          Enable CV Verification: the CV of the person trying to register
  •          Enable LinkedIn Verification: the LinkedIn URL sent as a form of verification.
  •          Seller verification page: a page made for the verification of each seller.

When all the above mentioned settings have been made, go to your site http://youraccounthere/my-account/sales/ or http://youraccounthere/account-verification/   and the following image will appear.  (The mentioned links can be added anywhere on the page so it would be visible for a buyer) 

Press ‘Apply to become a seller’ and it will open on Account Verification page having the options selected by the admin.

Add the documents requested by the admin (CV, Linkedin profile, national ID verification) and press ‘Continue’

After doing all the process, the admin will receive the approve request in Jobster > Account Segregation > on the top of the page.

And at the bottom of the page are the options for the Admin. 

2.  Subscriptions 

  • Buyer/Seller options on registration form: when someone registers your site can choose if he is ‘seller’ or ‘buyer’. If it is on ‘Show’ mode it will appear the above field on registration form. If it is on ‘Hide’ mode is won’t appear at all.

  • Default user type: when someone registers on your site, if the above option ‘Buyer/Seller options on registration form’ is either set on ‘Hide’ mode or the person registering doesn’t select an option.  It depends also on the selection made on the next category ‘User type mandatory on registration’. 
  • User type mandatory on registration: if you want that each of the persons that registers choose what it is (buyer/ seller)
  • Auto approve seller: means that the admin should not check and approve every seller on their site.
  • Hide menu entries for buyers:  
  • Add user type feature to subscriptions:  this option works only if ‘Buyer/Seller options on registration form’ is set on Hide.

            How to buy subscriptions to become a seller?

Go to Jobster > Account Segregation > General Settings > Add user type to subscriptions > Set on ‘Yes’.

Note: If you want to activate this option you will have to Hide the ‘Buyer/Seller options on registration form’ first.

Also, please complete on Jobster > Subscriptions > Features settings > User type > Enabled: YES > choose as you wish at each level.

Please also make sure to have the prices on Jobster > Subscriptions > Subscriptions Settings > Enabled: YES.

3. User Levels

How to do it?

  • Go to Jobster > Users Levels > Set them as you wish.
  • User Levels Settings:
  • An admin can upgrade or downgrade the levels of each of his site’s users by updating them manually through this portal

  • Level Settings:
  • Default User Level: what level will have someone that registers himself on our site.
  • Automatically upgrade levels: if a user has accomplished the eligibility settings set, he can level up automatically.
  • Automatically downgrade levels: if a user didn’t keep the rates, he can level down automatically.
  • Eligibility Settings
  • Recheck period for upgrade: the amount of time in when upgrades will be made for every level
  • Required amount for upgrade: the pass from one level to another will be made according the selling price limit set.
  • Required ratings for upgrade: the pass from one level to another will be made based on the reviews 
  • Important information: User Levels and Subscriptions cannot coexist. In the moment Subscriptions have been activated, User Levels will stop applying the settings made