Booking extension will enable your marketplace users to manage date and time sensitive jobs/appointments.

A very first step for your sellers is to configure their calendar with available slots. Calendar management options can be accessed from within 'My Bookings' page (User Menu > Jobs > Booking).

Then comes configuring available timeslots for each day:

Single mode will allow you to configure timeslots one at the time.

In the above example we have selected unit of time to be 1 hour, while the period should start at 9am, and finish at 10am.

The end result is one timeslot available for booking on Monday 9-10am, as shown below.

Bulk mode will allow you to configure multiple slots for each day:

In the above example we have selected unit of time to be 30 minutes (which allowed us to select a period in 30 minute resolution), while the total available period is from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Finally, we have selected for the periods to run every 30 minutes with 0 minutes in between.

The end result is six thirty minute timeslots, available for booking on Tuesday from 9:30am to 12:30pm, as shown below.

Now we are ready to publish a new job with the above configured available timeslots.
Select 'booking' as the job price type, and select a booking resource that should apply to this job, as shown below:

After publishing this new job, calendar with the previously configured timeslots will be shown on the front-end.
Select any of the available dates and timeslots. In our example we have chosen Monday November 11th.

That's it. Complete the checkout and your selected date/time will be booked. The system will automatically remove that timeslot from the calendar.

On the post new job page price type width must be set to "half solo" (which is a default value) for correct functionality of the Booking extension: