PayPal semi-automatic Withdrawals

Some time ago we have introduced a functionality called PayPal semi-automatic withdrawal, which allows you to select multiple withdrawal requests from your users and process them all at once. We have tested it several times meanwhile and based on your feedback we have also improved it a lot. Below, you will find some instructions on how to create a PayPal Application in order to be able to use that functionality. For regular PayPal usage (job purchases) you don’t need to do that, they should work with your email address only. 

  1. Login with your PayPal account to, navigate to your Dashboard > My Apps & Credentials and create a new REST API app

 2. You will be able to test the app on your site right away using your Sandbox credentials and enabling Sandbox mode from your Jobster > Payment Gateways > Paypal menu.

3. In order to make it work on the Live mode you have to do a few more things: - Click on the Live - Click on the “account eligibility” link - Submit a request for Payouts

 4. We don’t have any screenshots for the request submission, but the process is pretty straightforward. You may either see the form directly where you need to fill the expected amount that you want to payout, the niche of your business and a few more fields. If you don’t see that form, you will have to contact PayPal and see if your account is eligible and what you need to do in order to enable Payouts. 

 5. Fill the PayPal Client ID and Secret on your site’s dashboard and test a live withdrawal. If you want to test a small amount, you can change the withdrawal limit from Jobster Settings > Payment Gateways > PayPal > Withdrawal options.

6. To process multiple Withdrawals one you can go to Admin > Orders > Withdrawal and select Pending, here you will find all the requested Withdrawals, then you can select more of them and click on the "Process PayPal Requests", you will then receive a notice that the payment was sent to processing and the "Payment Status" will change from pending to processing. When Paypal processed the requests the seller will receive an email that confirms it and the request will be marked as completed.

7. On the right you have the checkmark, the double check and minus icons. The single checkmark is for the Manual withdrawal, the Double checkmark is for the automatic withdrawal and the minus is for canceling the request.

8. This is the way each method work:

Automatic withdrawal: You check it and the system will send a request for the amount directly to your PayPal account, then PayPal will process it and send the money to the seller.

Manual withdrawal: You first copy the PayPal address of the seller, then you go to your PayPal account and send the money. After you have finished the transaction then you go to and click on the single checkmark and the request will be marked as completed, this button doesn't actually send any money, it just marks the request completed.

Cancel the request: Once you click on this icon the request will be canceled.