Hosting recommendation

Jobster is a complex marketplace/e-commerce script and as such it does require a hosting plan with more resources (preferably dedicated) compared to a typical WordPress blog theme.

That being said we definitely recommend cloud hosting for the start. Their main two advantages are dedicated resources and scalability. You always know exactly what resources you have at your disposal, and can easily scale up or down should your needs suddenly change.

Cloud hosting plans can be managed, or unmanaged. Unless you have a server administrator on your staff or are capable of setting up and managing servers on an advanced level yourself, you should definitely go with a managed cloud hosting plan.

1. Unmanaged WordPress Cloud Server Hosting

Unmanaged solution with a 1-click WordPress installation on Digital Ocean at a price of $5/month:

Please keep in mind that this solution requires minimal but still manual server setup, as well as maintenance.

If you choose this option, start with a $5/month plan in a location of the data center of your choice.

Please also keep in mind that we don't have a server administrator on our staff, and are unable to help troubleshoot server issues.

2. Managed WordPress Cloud Server Hosting 

Option 1: Managed cloud server hosting by WPMU DEV starting at $10:

Option 2: Managed cloud server hosting by CloudWays starting at $10/month:

If you have no server maintenance experience and/or have no desire to do it yourself, then choose one of the providers above.

Start with a $10/month and upgrade easily as your requirements change.

3. Premium Managed WordPress Cloud hosting

If you have the budget and are looking for the best-managed cloud hosting service money can buy, with additional premium services included in the monthly price, then this is definitely an option for you. 

We highly recommend our sister company WPExecutives and their 'Starter' cloud plan at $40/month:

Note: Most of the hosting services should work fine with our theme but we highly recommend not using GoDaddy or Hostgator.