How to download and install new Jobster updates

How to download and install new updates

Before proceeding with the update, we strongly recommend that you make a backup of your database and of your theme/plugin files. You may want to keep the translations from your old theme files for example, or simply if anything goes wrong, you can restore the previous files and database.

Whether you opt to do automatic or manual update, it is an easy 2-step process:

1. Update theme files

When there is a new version available you should see a notification in your backend. Click “update now” and the theme will be automatically updated.

IMPORTANT: If your translation files are uploaded in the theme’s “languages” folder and you use LocoTranslate plugin, please make sure to copy/move them over to 'Custom' folder otherwise they will get overwritten during the update process.
Manual update:
  1. Backup your old /wp-content/themes/wpjobster/ directory or rename it
  2. Upload the new theme files to your /wp-content/themes/ directory

2. Update database

After updating the files, a new message will appear in your WordPress dashboard: “Jobster Database update required!” Click “Update Now” and you’re done!