Chat System

General settings -> Features -> Enable/disable Chat (default disabled)

  1. Show error message and disable chat if the live notifications are disabled
  2. Hide chat and sidebar on the private message page
  3. Support for RTL
  4. Open message box when 'Contact' button from the user profile page is pressed
  5. Open message box when 'Contact' button from search user page is pressed
  6. Open message box when a new message is received
  7. Keep sidebar open (minimized or maximized) when the user changes the page
  8. Keep message box open (minimized or maximized) when the user changes the page
  9. Unread messages preview on click header message icon (or redirect to private message page if there is no unread message)
  10. Chat options to admin panel customizer
  11. Sound when is a new message

Sidebar ( Logo + First & last name or Username )

  1. Type:
    • Full sidebar if the screen width is greater than 1258px
    • Box sidebar if the screen width is between 767px and 1258px
    • Hidden sidebar if the screen is less than 767px
  2. Small box showing the count of unread messages
  3. User status
    • Online bullet if the time is less than five minutes
    • Offline time if the time is less than two days
    • Offline bullet if the time is longer than two days
  4. User search
  5. Display the users to the sidebar by private messages (send/received), orders (buy/sell) and status (online/offline)
  6. Option to disable the 3rd group of users
  7. Option to remove a user from the sidebar
  8. Option to minimize the sidebar

Message Box

  1. User status
  2. Buttons for send, request a custom offer and open the conversation to the private messages page
  3. Change box buttons colors when a box has the focus
  4. Change box buttons and head color if the user receives a message and the box has no focus
  5. Live send/receive messages, attachments and custom offer
  6. New style for attachments inside the box
  7. Tooltip on message hover with info about message date and receiver name
  8. Minimize/maximize the box using animations effect
  9. Hide box head info when the box is minimized
  10. Load more message when mouse scroll top inside the box
  11. Filter the message content
  12. Prevent sending the message if the attachments are not fully loaded or if the message is empty
  13. Recalculate boxes position when a box is minimized, maximized or close
  14. Calculate the number of boxes that fit on the screen and hide or show when resizing
  15. Click 'Esc' key to close the box