Add old slider with brizy editor

To add Old Slider while using Brizy Editor:

1) Go to wp-admin > Pages > Homepage - Front Page, Brizy

 Scroll down, you will see a box "ADD New Block". Click on "+" to add new block.

2) It will add two blocks, delete one as we need only one for the old slider.

3) Make the remaining block full width from settings:

4) Now click on this block and delete it as we did in step 2. This will leave a full width container where one can add shortcode for slider.

5) Now click on "+" icon from left siderbar and drag shortcode from the sidebar to the container we have created.

6) Now add the below shortcode to the container

[rev_slider alias="home"] [wpj_empty_placeholder]

we need to add [wpj_empty_placeholder] shortcode along with it revslider's shortcode otherwise it seems to try to display the slider in brizy and you won't be able to edit the block anymore.

7) Now you can click on update button to save your changes and reorder blocks to show it on required place.